Fin de mission au CRIJ pour notre volontaire espagnol Pablo

Publié le3 août 2020

Pablo, notre volontaire espagnol venu tout droit de l'île de Grande Canarie achève sa mission de volontariat européen au CRIJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine à Limoges. Son projet, d'une durée de 6 mois (mars - août 2020), a dû être adapté suite à l'épidémie de Covid-19. Pablo s'est engagé dans une mission visant à promouvoir la mobilité internationale auprès des jeunes. Il nous raconte ses quelques mois passés en France.

Cette mission a pu être réalisée grâce au partenariat entre le CRIJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine (organisme d'accueil) et le service jeunesse du Cabildo de Gran Canaria (organisme d'envoi espagnol), et grâce au soutien de l'Union européenne avec le programme Corps européen de solidarité.



What activities did you carry out in your project?

My mobility project was carried out at Crij Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Site de Limoges. There I worked in the Crij office helping with mobility projects, making posters to spread new projects, workshops or talks. I also participated in mobility workshops where I spread my project to other young people and in an online seminar where I could see and share experiences with others volunteers. During my stay in France, the pandemic began and most of the activities were conditioned or canceled (sadly).

Could you explain to us what motivated you to volunteer in France?

I had been before in several workcamps at a national level in my country. Those camps lasted between two weeks and 1 month, and I had always wanted to participate in a larger project. So when I saw this opportunity, I did not think about it anymore.

What have you learned in the time you have been in France?

I have learned that nothing is ever exactly what you expect and something can always happen that changes the situation. But despite that you have to try to adapt or else you will not be able to live the whole experience.

Do you remember any special challenges you faced in France?

The biggest challenge that I have faced has obviously been the pandemic, I and all the volunteers who participated in volunteer projects during these dates had to learn to manage a situation of stress and uncertainty. At first, it was very hard, being outside your country, practically alone and without your family and friends, but thanks to this type of experience one becomes stronger and more independent.

Do you have any more advice for future volunteers?

It is very important to make friends with people around you. This is how you learn more about culture. If you don't leave your comfort zone, you don't get to know much about France.

To finish, what memories do you take away?

During my stay I lived with French roommates and a volunteer from Moldova, every day I saw the different cultures between both countries and all the similarities and differences with mine. That is what interested me the most.

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